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12 Dec 2018
Amputee Dating

An amputee has additional challenges when dating. Being an amputee is a visible disability, and if you’ve tried dating through the regular channels, you may be a bit discouraged. How do you explain to someone on the telephone that there was no field to mention your disability in your profile? You don’t want to leave it until your date night, as you don’t want your date feeling uncomfortable or upset that you didn’t mention it earlier. In an ideal world, having a disability shouldn’t matter, and it doesn’t matter to you. That’s why you need to find someone to whom it doesn’t matter either.

Able to Love You will match you up with other amputees. Amputee dating may be the easiest method to finding someone, as you’ll already both be aware of each other’s disability. You’ll feel like you’ve already been introduced, and in a way it’s an ice breaker. You’ll both feel more comfortable in each other’s presence, as you share similar disabilities, while amputee dating.

When you’re an amputee, you sometimes can’t do things that other people with limbs can do. Sure, you’ll try skiing some day, but you just haven’t had a chance to try out those new prosthetics yet. For amputees dating, you can choose activities that both of you will enjoy doing, whether it’s watching a film at the cinema, or getting out for some fresh air. There will be no explaining why mountain climbing or sky diving may be bad date choices. But of course, you can still do those things too, if you really wanted. With amputee dating, you can find someone to enjoy your favorite activities as well.

Dating amputee women or men is exciting for someone who is just getting back to dating again. Many amputees will have conflicting reasons as to why they shouldn’t be dating. But everyone deserves to be happy in life, and that means finding a partner to share your life with, and start a family if you wish. Why sit at home and watch TV all day? Dating amputee women and men is the same as dating anyone else. Everyone has good days and bad days. People are all the same deep down inside. A disability won’t hold back most people, and certainly shouldn’t hold you back from entering the dating world if you so choose.

Another challenge with amputee dating is that many fear what people might say. What’s worse is that it’s often not strangers that you fear to hear negative comments from, but your family or friends. They may wish to spare you grief and tell you to not bother dating at all. They certainly mean well, but your heart is set on finding a loving partner in life. You may have to sit down with these people and explain why you’re dating again. It’s far better than ignoring the topic and then having to listen to them ad infinitum about the same topic over and over again.

Amputee dating can have its own challenges in life, but it can be a rewarding experience when you find someone to love.

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