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05 Dec 2018
Bipolar Dating

For the average person dating can be a challenge. Not only may you have to deal with conflicting personalities, and different emotions, but you’re trying to learn about the other person as well. For one or both members, bipolar disorder can be a challenge dealing with in life. Fortunately most people suffering from bipolar disorder take medications and counseling so they can manage their condition. Just like anyone else, they lead normal lives and sometimes they want to have relationships with others too. Bipolar dating is one of the challenges in a world where any mental deviation can be frowned upon. Bipolar disorder is also one of the most misunderstood psychiatric illnesses. How should someone with bipolar disorder start dating?

Able to Love You is a website where you can search for other people who also suffer from bipolar disorder. They’ll understand your mood swings and depression as you navigate through life. Instead of trying to find someone through the regular dating channels, you can search personal ads for other people who suffer from the same illness that you do. There’ll be no explaining on the first date about your illness, as it’ll have already been mentioned on your dating profile.

Bipolar disorder involves alternating periods of sheer elation and others of intense depression. Often there is no happy middle ground. There are medications to treat it, and counseling as well. It takes a special person to understand why you may not be feeling yourself on any particular day. It’s possible that someone who doesn’t have bipolar disorder will run at the first instance of depression, as they don’t understand how to look after you. Likewise, if you’re experiencing a period of elation, they may think you’re crazy for running off on a long weekend or running around in circles. Where is the stable person they wanted?

Two people together suffering with bipolar disorder understand the intricacies of this disease. They can care for each other, during one extreme or the other. That’s why bipolar dating may be for you. If you’ve been hesitant about dating due to your bipolar disorder, one option is to find another person also suffering from the same. Each will understand what the other is going through. It can be hard when your partner is in bed all day, and you want to do something. But for another person with bipolar disorder, they can take a step back and understand that their partner may need something else at the moment. Their relationship will be based on mutual love and respect, rather than dragging unwilling people around.

Two people with bipolar disorder understand what the triggers may be, and can work to avoid them. They know the warning signs for when you’re entering one of your manic cycles. They can make sure you take your mediation and even seek medical help if needed. The two of your together can look out for one another.

Dating always has it’s challenges, but bipolar dating can help two people with bipolar disorder to find each other.