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16 Sep 2019
Date disabled

You’ve decided to find a person to spend some time with. Is your date disabled? For them, dating can be a bit of a challenge. Not only did they have to explain to you about their disability, but they had to find activities that both of you can enjoy as well. Likewise, if you have a date disabled, you’ll have to provide extra care and understanding when taking them out on dates. If you’ve decided to date a disabled person, but aren’t disabled yourself, that’s great. You’ve realized that personality and abilities are more important than looks. Disabled people can do most of the things others can do, but they just do them in a different way. Disabled people don’t always date other disabled people. It all comes down to who you are attracted to, and if you both enjoy each other’s company.

Some extra care and humor may be required when you have a date disabled. You don’t want to treat them like they can’t do anything, as in fact that’s not true. Everyone navigates through their days the same as everyone else. It’s just that our homes may be laid out differently, so items are in reach for a date disabled. On the other hand, if they’re getting frustrated with having to reach something on a shelf, you want to grab it for them, and not make a big deal about it. In other words, it’s just another day at home. Sometimes humor can break the tension, if your loved one is getting extremely frustrated about doing something that a mobile person can do easily. Sometimes a little joke will break the tension. Everyone is human after all, and everyone gets frustrated at some point or another. Everyone has had trouble opening a jar at some point in time, or has been puzzled over how to fix something that is broken. Let humor lighten the load.

When you’re starting out with a date disabled, you may be puzzled over activities to do together. Everyone enjoys going out for coffee, or meeting for dinner and a movie. Be sure to call ahead to check if venues are wheelchair accessible.

Having a date disabled means that sometimes you’re both going to get some pretty personal questions. Because sometimes people can get curious, and sometimes it can reach the point of rudeness. Sometimes you have to brush personal questions aside, and other times you might just reply with a standard phrase that you don’t have a problem with that situation at all. Because a lot of the time, it’s not anyone’s business anyway. Or, this is when the humor can come into play again so you can ease an uncomfortable situation.

At the end of the day, having a date disabled is no different than dating someone who isn’t in a wheelchair or deaf, or blind. Everyone is the same deep down inside. Everyone wants to be happy in life, and to share their lives with a special companion.