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12 Nov 2019
Dating with Disabilities

Dating with disabilities can be a challenge, but don’t let it bring you down. Chances are you’ve already tried the regular online dating websites, and found them difficult to navigate. When you filled out your online dating profile you realized that there was nowhere to check what type of disability you have. Online dating descriptions are pretty much all the same, and there’s really no way to make one unique to your particular situation. Now you can sign up on the dating with disabilities online dating website, and avoid a lot of the pitfalls you may have been experiencing with regular websites. The dating with disabilities site matches you up with other people who have disabilities too.

A regular online dating website seems to set people up for automatic rejection. If you can’t even get past the annual income, or occupation boxes, how will you get past the fact that you are in a wheelchair, deaf, or are manic-depressive? You’ve tried leaving the explanation until the first telephone call or the first coffee date, but that seems to set you up for failure. The first meeting is often the only chance you have for a positive first impression.

The dating with disabilities website allows you to fill out a detailed profile, with a full explanation of your disabilities. It’s all right there on screen, so other people with your same disability can search for you, and connect. It’s like an automatic ice breaker. You’ll be so relieved when you can connect with others who are also in wheelchairs, or deaf, or manic depressive. You get to skip that whole entire, “By the way, I need to mention I’m disabled,” conversation. And when you can get that out of the way, you can get on with actually getting to know each other, instead of trying to find ways to explain your disability.

What’s so great about the online dating with disabilities website is that you don’t need to just date other people with similar disabilities as you. If you’re in a wheelchair, you’re still welcome to search through the online profiles of people who are deaf, blind, etc., so your chances are increased for finding someone special.

Being stuck on the couch on Friday night isn’t fun. Since you have a disability, you may be too shy to head out on your own, even though you’ve certainly been thinking about it. Trying an online dating with disabilities website is a great way to take that first step finding people to date. You can search through hundreds of profiles and see who will be the best match for you. You can message through the system and talk to people to see if they might be a good match for you.

If you’ve been frustrated with traditional online dating websites, a dating with disabilities website might be a better solution for you. You’ll be able to skip past the unsettling chats about your disability, and get on with meeting people. Who knows, you might just find someone special too.

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