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15 Mar 2019
Deaf dating

Being deaf or hard of hearing presents it’s own set of challenges when dating. Should you mention in your online dating website ad that you’re deaf? You don’t want to shock anyone and make them feel uncomfortable. Plus, it feels a bit dishonest to not mention it in the beginning. But most deaf people are worried that they’ll be rejected, before the other person has a chance to get to know them better. After all, there are millions of the people in the world living with disabilities, and everyone wants the same things out of life.

Deaf dating can be fun, or it can be frustrating, depending on how willing your dating partner is to accepting the challenge. Passing notes back and forth heralds back to your childhood days when you passed notes back and forth in class. It was fun, and at the same time a little bit dangerous. Deaf dating can involve writing notes, if the other partner has not learned sign language yet. You can always read lips, but may be at a loss as to what they’re saying at times, as that’s only a guarantee for about 60% of the words in the English language. Reading lips can leave you missing out on nuances, jokes, and true meanings.

Another option is to sign up on Able to Love You, where you can meet other deaf and hard of hearing folks. Instead of struggling to communicate during a date, dating for deaf can involve a lot of sign language and verbal expressions. You won’t have to explain how your life is with a deafness disability, as another deaf person is fully able to understand your daily challenges in life. They may even have the same deaf dating issues that you have been experiencing with people who can hear.

It can be hard meeting people, whether for a deaf date or a date with someone who still has their hearing capabilities. The dating world is judgmental, and often people don’t even know who they’re looking for. Sometimes it can be a waste of time trying other dating websites, when you can’t be completely honest in your profile that you are deaf. And the dating world isn’t exactly a conducive forum for honesty anyway.

You need to earn people’s trust in order to get to know them better. As they trust you, they’ll expose another layer of their personality. That’s how couples get to know each other. At Able to Love You, you’re able to deaf date, so already you’re one step closer to trusting your potential mate. It’ll be a relief when you’re out on your deaf date, and you don’t have to worry about spending two hours to explain about your disability.

Dating at Able to Love You brings deaf people together, so they can date in a safe and relaxing environment, free of judgment. Having some of the barriers removed to dating will enable you to find the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.